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 Smith Lake History 

One of the largest earth and rock-filled dams in the Eastern United States, Smith Lake was impounded in 1969. being fed by the Sipsey River and emptying into the Black Warrior River. Smith Lake is known for it's DEEP CLEAR water. Most docks in Smith Lake are in 60-80 feet of water, and it is the norm to be in 200 feet of water in the middle of the lake. Smith Lake is also known for it's "underwater forrests". When the lake was impounded it filled up beforeworkers were able to clear everything out. There are many places where you can idle for hundreds of yards and run over tree after tree after tree.

The deep clear water combined with "underwater forrests" makes Smith Lake the perfect habitat for stripers. Just to mention some of the bass fishermen on the lake do not like stripers and kill them whenever they "happen" to catch one. They have no idea about the fact s and are actually helping the overall striper population by doing this.

Facts about Smith Reservoir:

  • Elevation above sea level: 510 feet
  • Area: 21,200 acres
  • Shoreline: 500 miles
  • Length: 35 miles
  • Maximum depth at dam: 264 feet
  • Area of watershed draining into reservoir: 944 square miles

Name: Cliff W.     
Date: 02/02/09
Message: I have gone on a few trips with Mike and Mark and it is always a top notch experience. My average Striper is 14lbs with these guys. I would recommend them to anyone.

Name: Darren Speirs     
Date: 09/18/08
Message: nice web page I will be back to catch more of them stripers

Name: Shelia     
Date: 09/07/08
Message: I have fished this lake with Mike. He wants you to have a good time, he will attend to your needs but most of all he wants you to CATCH FISH and will take you anywhere on the lake to do this. These guys keep the fun and excitement in fishing.

Name: Jessica     
Date: 09/01/08
Message: These guys do a great job! They are very passionate about what they do. They're not just in it for money.



Name: Shannon Calvert   
Date: 07/31/09
Message: Just returned from a great trip with Stripemasters. My sons (7yrs & 10yrs) caught 4 stripers in less than 4 hours!!! Smallest fish was 10 pounds and the biggest was caught by my 10yr old - a whopping 30 pounder!!! Thanks Stripemasters for a trip me and the kids will never forget.



Name: Darren Speirs  
Date: 04/29/09
Message: Another great fishing trip guys you always seem to get us on the fish will be back aging next year and can not wait. Top notch guiding and Thanks



Name: Joey L.    
Date: 02/26/09
Message: These guys are great we had a trip of 10 and they made it happen with no hitches and everybody had more fun than they had ever planned. These fish fight hard and are loads of fun for the whole family. These guys were so nice in accommadating our wives on the boat and making it fun and enjoyable for them